Francis E. Baldo, Jr., Esq.

Only the closed mind is certain. A mediator must wear many hats to open the minds of those embroiled in a dispute. A skilled mediator must know the black letter law, must know the risks and costs of the courtroom, and must possess the interpersonal skills to help the parties find a gateway to resolution. Mediation is the best opportunity to resolve your case at the lowest cost. Let me help make your mediation the last stop, not just the next stop, for your case.

About Frank:
I have been a litigator since graduating from Villanova Law School in 1982, when I joined an insurance defense firm in Philadelphia. In 1989 I came to Media, where I joined a firm specializing in plaintiff’s personal injury cases. In 1993 I started a small litigation firm. The firm handled both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ cases. Since 2007, I have been a sole practitioner, exclusively handling plaintiffs’ cases. Over the last 39 years, I have handled a diverse caseload, including Federal Employers Liability Act, automobile, hearing loss, premises liability, sexual harassment, wrongful death, estate litigation, and professional liability (medical, engineering and architectural malpractice) claims.

I had two mentors in my career: John Paul Curran, Esq. of Philadelphia, a leader of the defense bar, and William C. Archbold, Esq. of Media, his counterpart in the plaintiff’s bar. Both of these well respected lawyers taught me to fight hard for my client, but never to lose sight of the big picture, which is to achieve a fair resolution for the client whenever possible.

I have always been open to resolving cases via binding arbitration or mediation. For example, in 2020, I was able to resolve a catastrophic injury case for over $9 million, with the help of a skilled mediator.

For several years, I have worked as a volunteer mediator in the Delaware County Voluntary Settlement Program. Andrew D’Amico, Esq. of Media runs this program, and can vouch for my success rate. In addition, I have also taken mediation seminars and recently completed a three-day PBA mediation course.

As a sole practitioner, my hourly rate is competitive and my schedule is flexible. I can offer a Delaware County, Chester County and Philadelphia County location for an in-person mediation, as well as a remote mediation via Zoom.

Would you please add my name to your list of mediators?

My commitment to both sides of any dispute is that I will call them as I see them, and not be swayed by anything other than the facts of the case.

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Locations available in Philadelphia,
Media and West Chester

Remote Mediations Available

Francis E. Baldo, Jr., Esq.