Fall From Hospital Bed

An elderly woman, who had previously suffered a stroke, fell from her hospital bed and sustained a head injury. Since she was already on blood thinning medication, the physicians continued to administer it despite her fall AND despite a CT scan that revealed a small amount of bleeding in her brain.

Symptoms Noted but Ignored

Within the initial 12 hours after her accident, she displayed symptoms of a serious head injury and increasing pressure on her brain, which were noted, but ignored. Approximately 16 hours after the fall, a nurse, performing a routine check, found our client was comatose and non-responsive.
Another CT scan revealed that the small area of bleeding had progressed to an inoperable and ultimately fatal head injury. The negligent administration of the blood thinning medication increased the rate of bleeding in her brain.
We determined our client’s fall was the result of improper training and incorrect procedures to move her from her bed into a wheelchair.
The case was resolved; each of the defendants, the hospital, the treating neurologist and treating internist contributed to the confidential settlement.